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We're in the process of updating our website to a new platform. Some parts of this site are still a work in progress as a result and you can always switch back to the main site, by visiting www.libdems.org.uk at any time.

If you have any feedback, please email support@libdems.org.uk and to find out more about our project to replace party websites, please visit the Technology Blog: https://tech.libdems.org.uk

Latest News

How to sign up for our new online tools

12 May 2022

Exciting news! Starting today, you can sign up to be one of the first people to get access to our new website tool (Fleet) and our new email tool (Targeted Email).

You can find out more about Fleet and Targeted Email on their respective pages.

You can sign up for both tools here.

Earlier this week, we announced pricing for Fleet and Targeted Email - and most party groups will end up paying around the same, or slightly less as they’re paying for Nationbuilder now. 

Event better, if you sign up for both by the 31st July 2022, then you’ll get the first three months free and 20% off the cost of the total package for the next year.

What you need to do ahead of migration

We’re planning to let the first people migrate onto the new platform from the end of June (this date may change and isn’t final) and to make sure you’re at the head of the queue, there are a few things that you need to do. These are:

  1. Sign up on the Expression of Interest Form
  2. Update the Website & Email Tool field for your Organisation on Lighthouse - so we know what you’re using at the moment. We’ll be tailoring your onboarding support based on this information, so it’s important that it is up to date.
  3. Add all of your elected representatives to Lighthouse (the process for this can be found here)
  4. Make sure that your current website content is up to date, as this is what you’ll be moving to the new site.
  5. Make sure that you’ve assembled an archive of original images - these are the unedited original images before you’ve uploaded them to your website.
  6. Transfer any domains you’re wanting to keep over to the Prater Raines team.

In addition, if you’re using Nationbuilder, you also need to:

  1. Make sure that all of the campaign signups you want to keep have been tagged on Nationbuilder so that we can migrate them.
  2. Complete the tag mapping spreadsheet that we supply you, so that you know what to do with the data you have stored.

How much work will migration be?

The HQ & Prater Raines teams are going to do as much work as we can to make the migration process as painless as possible.

You’ll need to map your data for us and we’ll then import it into the right platforms for you.

If you’re a Prater Raines customer, some of your website content will be migrated automatically (news, in particular) but the remainder of the content will need to be manually moved over.

We’ll set you up with a template site that you can start populating with content on day 1 once you’ve been invited to start migrating.

We expect most groups to have to spend 6-8 hours total on the migration process, though larger groups or people with more complex sites may need to spend a lot longer on the process.

What’s next?

Once you’ve signed up and done the prep work, you just need to wait to be invited! 

We’ll be inviting people to sign up for the online tools in priority order. Generally speaking, target seats and nationbuilder customers will be first in the line, with others coming behind them in priority.

We expect to be allowing about 25-30 sites a week to start setup, so we should work through everyone very quickly.

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